About the bending problem of aluminum plates of various thicknesses

Feb 01,2021

Customers will ask questions about aluminum bending when buying aluminum sheets, for example, what is the coefficient when bending a 3mm aluminum sheet~ Which knives should be used?; What is the bending coefficient of a 5mm thick aluminum sheet? Why do aluminum sheets bend? Cracking? In fact, the bending coefficient of aluminum plate is regular, generally 0.8 times the thickness of aluminum plate, such as 3mm, the bending coefficient of aluminum plate is 2.4, and the bending coefficient of 5mm aluminum plate is 4.    If you use a knife, it is generally better to use a sharp knife, and use a straight If the pressure of the sword is too large, the aluminum plate is prone to cracks.

The cause of cracking when the aluminum plate is bent 180 degrees

1. The bent side is parallel to the rolling direction of the aluminum plate, so it is easy to crack. Turn the bending direction by 90 degrees.

2. The 180 degree bending angle is too much, which is larger than the minimum bending radius. Generally, the bending radius is 1.5 times of the plate thickness.

3. The reason for the material is that some aluminum plates are alloys, which are not as tough as pure aluminum and are easy to crack.

4. The thickness of the sheet is too thick, and the bending 180 degrees exceeds the bending limit of the material.