How to do the high-altitude bulk method of grid structure

Feb 01,2021

How to do the high-altitude bulk method of the grid structure?

1. When using small assembling units or rods to assemble directly at high altitude, the sequence should ensure the accuracy of assembling and reduce accumulated errors. When the cantilever method is used for construction, it should first be assembled into a structural system that can bear its own weight, and then gradually expanded. During the assembly process of the grid, the position, elevation and deviation of the reference axis should be checked at any time, and should be corrected in time.

2. When erecting the assembling bracket, the position of the supporting point on the bracket should be set at the lower chord node. The support should be checked for its bearing capacity and stability, and pressure test can be carried out if necessary to ensure safety and reliability. Measures should be taken under the support pillars to prevent the support from sinking.

3. In the process of dismantling the support, the individual support points should be prevented from being concentrated on the force. According to the structural self-weight deflection value of each support point, the support points should be removed in a proportional step by step or step by step with no more than 10mm.